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IMGWelcome to our International Mall


We are Under Construction with a brand new unique concept that is favorable to shoppers and store owners.
Currently the store is not open to the public but it is open to vendors who wish to get in early and secure their future in the Mall

The Megalinx Mall is an International Mall allowing exposure to stores from all over the world for shoppers.

Click Here to sign up for a store. Note! it's FREE.

The Megalinx Mall is much like the brick and mortar Malls we all have visited. 

There is a Mall Owner that charges Rent to its Stores. The Stores sell items to their Customers; and the Store keeps its revenue. If a customer visits Store A and then goes to Store B and makes a purchase, Store A, that brought the customer to the Mall, makes no money. There is No Mutual Benefit to the sister stores in that kind of Mall and that's where the similarity ends.

In the EndlessOne Mall, every Store can participate in the success of its sister stores and, the Members of EndlessOne can participate in the revenues generated by shopping in the Mall ... and from other members shopping in the Mall.

This is the magic of the Megalinx Mall.

  • Get your own store in Megalinx Mall
  • Select your country to start saving
  • Search our coupons to which stores have sales or specials

Mall Features

IMGMegalinx Mall is unlike any other Mall.
All the stores in the mall are individual stores owned by individuals in each country, NOT links to stores. Because the Mall serves as a service to large companies savings are inevitable.

IMGThe Mall store we have is sophisticated.
Our store is professional and includes, marketing tools you can use to promote your store outside of the Mall. The store contains a Blog, Affiliate program (2 Levels), photo contest, as well as a mailing list.